Working and WWOOF’ing


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I haven’t posted in awhile but that doesn’t mean cha-cha-changes haven’t happened! I’ve discovered the world of WWOOF’ing and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, my best personal definition is volunteering to work on an organic farm for free stay and food and you get to walk away with the knowledge and experience from people who have been doing it for years and years. How great is that? I’ve already been in contact with a farm in Japan and plan on going this summer, i feel it’s that hands on i need while still getting that last urge to travel the world off my back. Another great website for travelers who would like to explore on a budget and are willing to work is HelpX. It’s not all farm work so you can experience a different side of the countries you want to visit. You can work in animal sanctuaries, hostels, cafes, and b&b’s just to name a few. Just remember to be safe and aware when traveling!

     On another note I’ve lost the joy I had in the job i have here in the city, I think my mind is already far away and my body is now FINALLY moving away too. I’ve had that breakthrough, i’m not going to regret leaving this city. I’ll miss my friends to death but they will only be 2 hours away and I’m always willing to travel for a good friend. I haven’t told anyone here in the city that I’m planning to leave, I feel awful not telling yet but I hate seeing that look on there faces. I’ve moved a lot so I’m no stranger to it.

I’m happy to be able to share some more of my journey with everyone again, after writing it out.

 I’ve realized it’s been too long.


The City Streets Glamour


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I keeping thinking that I talk about doubt a lot. I swear there are many reasons for that, and this temptress of a city is one of them. So I wanted to show a good Sunday here in San Francisco, to see how I enjoy her charms and how she makes me think twice about leaving her when I’m in the heart of it.

Street Performer Draws a Crowd.   

Yesterday was Sunday Streets, once a month a different neighborhood closes off some of it’s street to cars drawing people in to walk around and explore something new. This time it was held in Chinatown, I knew I had to go so I called one of my good friends join me in the fun of eating and entertainment.

A Row Of Red Lanterns.

Of course we couldn’t just stay in Chinatown but explored the city a little bit too, I mentioned to my friend that I’ve never see the “Full House” Houses so that was our next destination. I YouTube’d the intro and played it as we drove by the famous row of homes. Bah-bity ba baa daaah!

Is that Danny Tanner in the window?

Our final destination of the day (that made me feel like a world traveler) was Japantown. That day they were having the J-Pop Summit Festival, which is a pop culture-themed street fair. I loved the food trucks and we can’t forget the masses of nerdy costume wearing teens waving their hands in the air to Japanese remixed pop music.

Music to breakdance to.

Would you believe me if I told you things go on like this every day here? They do, and you don’t have to go far. But I have nine months till I have to break up with this city, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those messy splits. But my farming is like a marriage, something that will support me and I can grow old together with. I don’t doubt that.

Wanted: More hours in the day.


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   So to make my move out of the city I did something every normal person dreads, I went through my storage which is inside and fills up a 2 car garage to try to “minimalize”. Unfortunately I have collected a large number of things from my multiple moves and I always have an internal struggle to give away some (ok most) of my childhood things. But when it came down to what I really needed around me Teen magazine with Britney Spears on the cover and a cat shaped cd holder just had to go. I was able to pack up about 5 moving boxes and 2 garbage bags, good right? But… I think I should go back in. How do I emotionally let physical things go? I think it’s something that if I’m able to do well I can also start letting go of the city side of myself.

   My thoughts on my 5 am drive back into the city after I left my soon to be garden home:

     When the sun rises behind you on an early morning with cold wind noisily coming through a cracked window just to keep the senses awake, should you look forward to the still darkness ahead? Or risk the looks behind just to remember what you’re missing?

  • Oh! And for everyone who has taken the time even just a second or two out of your day to check out my blog, Thank you. You guys are kind of my faceless (well not fully, I read blogs too!) support and I couldn’t do any of this without your positive thoughts.

Poultry Workshop


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Cleaning eggs.

So how many people hate chickens? I took a survey of anti-chicken sites and was surprised it was harder than I thought to find some. Of course there is… but that only complained about the meat BUT funny enough, I did find a Facebook page that shared their dislike of chickens (but only 2 people “liked” the page)

The reason I asked is the moment I mentioned to my close friend I was going to get chickens the first words out of her mouth was “I HATE chickens” I couldn’t get a reason why but she was very passionate about her dislike of these winged animals. I would have to say I’m a neutral party, I will love they eggs they provide and also eventually their meat but that’s all. Maybe when I have those fluffy faces in my face It will be true love and I’ll make a chicken fan page and get 3 “likes” (Take that chicken haters!)

My chicken themed post today has to do with the Poultry Workshop I took two weeks ago, If you live in the California/Nevada area check out this great educational resource Placer & Nevada County UCCE Livestock & Natural Resources I went to the workshop thinking I had a good handle on working with chickens because I owned 3 a couple of years ago (Pfft, Silly right?) but I walked away with more information than I could handle, hands on beats books every time. I have to thank the Sinclair Family Farm in Placer Country for hosting the workshop! It was nice getting chicken poo on my shoes than someones gum off the city sidewalks. One step closer to my farmer self, a pygmy goat is on my list of learning so wish me luck on my next educational undertaking!

A Slow Reader


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The whole question.

A normal city breakfast

One of the best places to think about where your food comes from has got to be Whole Foods. It’s a place where city people like me (for now) get exposed to local products and see where our money is going. I’m also addicted to chocolate milk, so I am there every morning to enjoy my dairy and study my ag books.

In the books I’ve read the theme has been about normal people who have taken the plunge that I want to, and it has me asking questions. I think that’s a good thing, with the knowledge of these farmers struggles comes doubt and all the people in these books have had so many .. “failures” but they just roll with it, learn from it, and are so so happy. I want that. So my doubt is… can I have that?

The point of this blog is to share my beginnings and hopefully my successful failures in this adventure of farming, I may be a mess now but I have so much hope. And hope kicks doubts butt every time.

The Birth of a Blog and Me.


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   I guess the start of every good tale comes with a beginning and an end. Well I haven’t reached the last part yet so let me tell you a little about my very dirt free roots.

     My mom was a missionaries daughter and my dad was a surfer boy, can’t you already smell the earth rich compost? Well soon after my parents got married my father got it in his head to become a rancher in Lincoln, CA. So off they went from the beaches of LA to a one stoplight country town. But I have to stop this alternative fairy tale short, there was no 4H in my future and no riding towards the sunset on my trusted horse. My folks got divorced when I was a baby and off to the suburbs with my mom I went, with only weekends with my dad who lost his passion for cattle and his land after a car accident and an ugly divorce, my whole life I saw the “what could have been”

  Let’s fast forward I’m now 27 I’ve moved a total of 5 times and am currently in the large city of San Francisco, California.

And I want to be a Farmer.