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The whole question.

A normal city breakfast

One of the best places to think about where your food comes from has got to be Whole Foods. It’s a place where city people like me (for now) get exposed to local products and see where our money is going. I’m also addicted to chocolate milk, so I am there every morning to enjoy my dairy and study my ag books.

In the books I’ve read the theme has been about normal people who have taken the plunge that I want to, and it has me asking questions. I think that’s a good thing, with the knowledge of these farmers struggles comes doubt and all the people in these books have had so many .. “failures” but they just roll with it, learn from it, and are so so happy. I want that. So my doubt is… can I have that?

The point of this blog is to share my beginnings and hopefully my successful failures in this adventure of farming, I may be a mess now but I have so much hope. And hope kicks doubts butt every time.