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I haven’t posted in awhile but that doesn’t mean cha-cha-changes haven’t happened! I’ve discovered the world of WWOOF’ing and for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, my best personal definition is volunteering to work on an organic farm for free stay and food and you get to walk away with the knowledge and experience from people who have been doing it for years and years. How great is that? I’ve already been in contact with a farm in Japan and plan on going this summer, i feel it’s that hands on i need while still getting that last urge to travel the world off my back. Another great website for travelers who would like to explore on a budget and are willing to work is HelpX. It’s not all farm work so you can experience a different side of the countries you want to visit. You can work in animal sanctuaries, hostels, cafes, and b&b’s just to name a few. Just remember to be safe and aware when traveling!

     On another note I’ve lost the joy I had in the job i have here in the city, I think my mind is already far away and my body is now FINALLY moving away too. I’ve had that breakthrough, i’m not going to regret leaving this city. I’ll miss my friends to death but they will only be 2 hours away and I’m always willing to travel for a good friend. I haven’t told anyone here in the city that I’m planning to leave, I feel awful not telling yet but I hate seeing that look on there faces. I’ve moved a lot so I’m no stranger to it.

I’m happy to be able to share some more of my journey with everyone again, after writing it out.

 I’ve realized it’s been too long.