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   So to make my move out of the city I did something every normal person dreads, I went through my storage which is inside and fills up a 2 car garage to try to “minimalize”. Unfortunately I have collected a large number of things from my multiple moves and I always have an internal struggle to give away some (ok most) of my childhood things. But when it came down to what I really needed around me Teen magazine with Britney Spears on the cover and a cat shaped cd holder just had to go. I was able to pack up about 5 moving boxes and 2 garbage bags, good right? But… I think I should go back in. How do I emotionally let physical things go? I think it’s something that if I’m able to do well I can also start letting go of the city side of myself.

   My thoughts on my 5 am drive back into the city after I left my soon to be garden home:

     When the sun rises behind you on an early morning with cold wind noisily coming through a cracked window just to keep the senses awake, should you look forward to the still darkness ahead? Or risk the looks behind just to remember what you’re missing?

  • Oh! And for everyone who has taken the time even just a second or two out of your day to check out my blog, Thank you. You guys are kind of my faceless (well not fully, I read blogs too!) support and I couldn’t do any of this without your positive thoughts.