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I keeping thinking that I talk about doubt a lot. I swear there are many reasons for that, and this temptress of a city is one of them. So I wanted to show a good Sunday here in San Francisco, to see how I enjoy her charms and how she makes me think twice about leaving her when I’m in the heart of it.

Street Performer Draws a Crowd.   

Yesterday was Sunday Streets, once a month a different neighborhood closes off some of it’s street to cars drawing people in to walk around and explore something new. This time it was held in Chinatown, I knew I had to go so I called one of my good friends join me in the fun of eating and entertainment.

A Row Of Red Lanterns.

Of course we couldn’t just stay in Chinatown but explored the city a little bit too, I mentioned to my friend that I’ve never see the “Full House” Houses so that was our next destination. I YouTube’d the intro and played it as we drove by the famous row of homes. Bah-bity ba baa daaah!

Is that Danny Tanner in the window?

Our final destination of the day (that made me feel like a world traveler) was Japantown. That day they were having the J-Pop Summit Festival, which is a pop culture-themed street fair. I loved the food trucks and we can’t forget the masses of nerdy costume wearing teens waving their hands in the air to Japanese remixed pop music.

Music to breakdance to.

Would you believe me if I told you things go on like this every day here? They do, and you don’t have to go far. But I have nine months till I have to break up with this city, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those messy splits. But my farming is like a marriage, something that will support me and I can grow old together with. I don’t doubt that.