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Cleaning eggs.

So how many people hate chickens? I took a survey of anti-chicken sites and was surprised it was harder than I thought to find some. Of course there is ihatechicken.com… but that only complained about the meat BUT funny enough, I did find a Facebook page that shared their dislike of chickens (but only 2 people “liked” the page)

The reason I asked is the moment I mentioned to my close friend I was going to get chickens the first words out of her mouth was “I HATE chickens” I couldn’t get a reason why but she was very passionate about her dislike of these winged animals. I would have to say I’m a neutral party, I will love they eggs they provide and also eventually their meat but that’s all. Maybe when I have those fluffy faces in my face It will be true love and I’ll make a chicken fan page and get 3 “likes” (Take that chicken haters!)

My chicken themed post today has to do with the Poultry Workshop I took two weeks ago, If you live in the California/Nevada area check out this great educational resource Placer & Nevada County UCCE Livestock & Natural Resources I went to the workshop thinking I had a good handle on working with chickens because I owned 3 a couple of years ago (Pfft, Silly right?) but I walked away with more information than I could handle, hands on beats books every time. I have to thank the Sinclair Family Farm in Placer Country for hosting the workshop! It was nice getting chicken poo on my shoes than someones gum off the city sidewalks. One step closer to my farmer self, a pygmy goat is on my list of learning so wish me luck on my next educational undertaking!