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   I guess the start of every good tale comes with a beginning and an end. Well I haven’t reached the last part yet so let me tell you a little about my very dirt free roots.

     My mom was a missionaries daughter and my dad was a surfer boy, can’t you already smell the earth rich compost? Well soon after my parents got married my father got it in his head to become a rancher in Lincoln, CA. So off they went from the beaches of LA to a one stoplight country town. But I have to stop this alternative fairy tale short, there was no 4H in my future and no riding towards the sunset on my trusted horse. My folks got divorced when I was a baby and off to the suburbs with my mom I went, with only weekends with my dad who lost his passion for cattle and his land after a car accident and an ugly divorce, my whole life I saw the “what could have been”

  Let’s fast forward I’m now 27 I’ve moved a total of 5 times and am currently in the large city of San Francisco, California.

And I want to be a Farmer.